The History

At the Podere Burrone three families were destroyed, one with three children under thirteen. Among the dead was a partisan of the company ‘Renzino’, an Albanian named Hasby Ismail, who was awarded a gold medal to the memory. Their bodies were all burned as those of the two people killed at Podere Cellere.

The Victims

Amazzoni Dante, 49 years old
Del Cucina Elsa, 7 years old
Del Cucina Ilva, 11 years old
Del Cucina Gaetano, 13 years old
Del Cucina Antonio, 53 years old

Ficai Adelmo, 13 years old
Hasbi Ismail, 28  years old
Mantovani Maria, 84 years old
Massini Valentina, 37 years old
Petrelli Ranieri, 34 years old

The scene of the massacre