The History

During the retreat of the German soldiers in the first days of July, continued the killings of civilians. At Le Caselle they killed eleven people. On July 5th one Alessandro Lammioni from Malfiano confronted and disarmed a German who had repeatedly molested a woman. This cost him his life because a band of Germans killed him with their machine guns. At Capocontro in the farm of Migliorini family, several people, especially women and children fled from Arezzo, had been locked in a cellar by the Germans while they were momentarily away, perhaps with the idea of killing them later. Some of the girls who belonged to this group had been stripped naked and molested.

The Victims

Borgogni Giulia, 31 years old
Chiatti Enrichetta, 54 years old
Chiatti Federico, 6 years old
Chiatti Stefano, 33 years old
Chiatti Egisto, 52 years old

Chiatti Basilio, 59 years old
Malentacchi Nello, 65 years old
Mugnai Eugenio, 45 years old
Orsoline Omero, 44 years old
Venturini Francesca, ? years old

The scene of the massacre