The History

In Morcaggiolo lived three families. Nine people were killed, three men, four women and two boys. Palmira Valeri, wounded with twelve revolver shots, miraculously survived. In Morcaggiolo was massacred the whole Burali family, excluding the three men who were at the front. It even seems that the son Tito, 13, was hit while trying to escape through the window and, with broken legs, kept moaning for days, until he died

The Victims

Burali Tito, 13 years old
Burali Wanda, 14 years old
Burali Ranieri, 70 years old
Degli Innocenti Elvino, years old
Lazzeroni Pietro, years old

Picchioni Livia, 34 years old
Sestini Rosa, 69 years old
Sestini Gesuina, 54 years old
Valeri Gina, ? years old

The scene of the massacre