The History

On 29th June 1944 at about 7.00 am at the same time the German soldiers were advancing, began the raids at Caggiolo, at La Cava and at La Palazzina, near which were captured some people fleeing from Civitella.
At the bridge of the Palazzina were gathered about forty people, including men, women and children. The executions began at around nine, when at the bridge was brought a machine gun

The Victims

Arrigucci Natale, 35 years old
Balò Giuseppe, 53 years old
Bernini Vittorio, years old
Bigiarini Angelo, 63 years old
Biliotti Bartolomeo, 62 years old
Bonicolini Giovanni, 27 years old

Caldelli Vittorio, 46 years old
Caneschi Giuseppe, 54 years old
Fattori Santi, 51 years old
Gabrielli Gino, 14 years old
Gualdani Aurelio, 37 years old
Gualdani Natale, 47 years old

Mammoli Guido, 37 years old
Ricciarini Metello, 38 years old
Serni Ernesto, 38 years old
Trippi Lazzaro, 32 years old

Monuments and memorial stones

The scene of the massacre