The History

On June 18th, during the funeral of the German soldiers killed in the premises of the recreational club of Civitella, several gunshots were fired, after which the Germans began immediately to investigate who were the perpetrators of the crime. No one spoke. At Pozzone they captured fifteen people – women, children and one or two men – perhaps with the intention of killing them, but after repeated insistences on their innocence from Mrs. Cau, who acted as an interpreter and Mr. Lammioni, an official of the local administration, they were released. On June 29th, however, in the square of Pozzone, which is located south of the north door of Civitella, three men were killed with gunshot to the head: Emilio Marsili, LeonelloTizzi and Silvio Vannucchi.

The Victimes

Marsili Emilio, 68 years old
LeonelloTizzi,  58 years old
Silvio Vannucchi,  54 years old

The scene of the massacre